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큰제목앞 디자인효과1. Composition of Lubricant

1) Definition of Base Oil

A carbon compound with small viscosity difference according to temperature change and fluidity even at low temperature. Mainly used as a raw material (80%~85%) of lubricants and mixed with additives to produce finished lubricant products.

2) Main standards of quality of base oil
  1. ⓐ Viscosity : Viscosity: Measuring resistance to fluid flow
  2. ⓑ Viscosity Index : Index of viscosity change according to temperature change. The higher the number, the better.
  3. ⓒ Pour point : The minimum temperature at which a fluid state can be maintained. The lower the temperature the higher the quality.
  4. ⓓ Color : Judging the state of quality from appearance. White color for high quality, Yellow color for low quality
3) Types of Base Oil

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Types of Base Oil

큰제목앞 디자인효과2. Production Process

Production Process

큰제목앞 디자인효과3. Export Process

Export Process